“Mitzi the Dalmatian”, A5 Lined Notebook

“Mitzi the Dalmatian”, A5 Lined Notebook

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A Viva Soul Original design, “Mitzi the Dalmatian” is part of the Doggies Collection, inspired by past canine members of the Viva Soul London family.

An A5 lined notebook (14.8cm x 21cm), this is made with recycled paper.

There are 15 notebook designs to collect!


Mitch the Dalmatian joined the family in the 1960s, when Lydia’s father Tim was small. However, there was a problem; it was soon discovered that Mitch was in fact a girl, and not a boy like everyone had first thought! As soon as this was realised, Mitch was reborn as Mitzi.

As beautiful as a Dalmatian can be, Mitzi was naughty through and through. On one memorable occasion, in fact, Tim’s 7th birthday party, his mother pulled back the living room doors to reveal to guests the fabulous spread that she had prepared. But, what she wasn’t expecting to see was Mitzi, standing in the middle of the table, munching her way through cake and hamburgers.

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