“Billy the Boxer”, A5 Lined Notebook

“Billy the Boxer”, A5 Lined Notebook

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A Viva Soul Original design, “Billy the Boxer” is part of the Doggies Collection, inspired by past canine members of the Viva Soul London family.

An A5 lined notebook (14.8cm x 21cm), this is made with recycled paper.

There are 15 notebook designs to collect!


In the 1970s, Lydia’s grandfather went into Harrods to buy shaving foam and came out with a puppy. He’d fallen for Billy big time. From this tiny bundle however, four enormous legs emerged. It turned out he’d brought into the family a rather large boxer dog!

With the face of Churchill on the body of Bambi, Billy was a real heart-stopper. He may have had an imposing presence, but he was as soft as butter on the inside.

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