“Buster the Terrier”, A5 Lined Notebook

“Buster the Terrier”, A5 Lined Notebook

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A Viva Soul Original design, “Buster the Terrier” is part of the Doggies Collection, inspired by past canine members of the Viva Soul London family.

An A5 lined notebook (14.8cm x 21cm), this is made with recycled paper.

There are 15 notebook designs to collect!


Buster came to the family by chance; Vivien’s boss had bought him from Harrods for his brother’s Christmas present, but without checking with him first! After bonding with the pup for an afternoon, Vivien was happy to bring him home when he was turned down by his intended owner.

The cheeky cairn terrier was particular naughty when it came to walks in the park. He’d run off out of eye sight and usually come back with a souvenir (once a McDonald’s take away bag, another time a full french bread stick). Puppy classes were tried, but Buster soon learnt he had much more fun being disobedient and making all the humans laugh, and was asked to leave by the teacher.

Buster matured later in life, becoming the best big brother to baby Lydia. He lived until the grand age of seventeen and never lost his troublesome smile.

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