Take 3 : Diana, Princess of Wales

Take 3 : Diana, Princess of Wales

In the Take 3 series, we will be highlighting three outfits worn by a particular style icon. Some you may know, some may be new to you, but each are fabulous in their own way.

ONE. Tartan Ensemble, 1981

On a visit to Scotland, Princess Di opted for a super chic tartan outfit. The suit was designed by Caroline Charles and the Tam O’Shanter (or Scottish beret, to us) by Stephen Jones. Although 80s as hell, this look is far more sophisticated than the floral, blousy numbers than we could have picked from the same era!


TWO. The Revenge Dress, 1994

Worn to the Vanity Fair summer party, this outfit was nicknamed “The Revenge Dress” as her wearing of it coincided with Prince Charles’ public confession of his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. On first sighting, Diana told designer Christina Stambolian that she thought it was too daring; we’re glad she changed her mind!


THREE. Red Cross, 1997

The people’s princess, Diana was known for her charity work, traveling to areas where others might be too wary to go. Whatever the mission, she tackled the situation with her usual grace, even down to the outfit she was wearing. This shirt and chino combo what what she wore when visiting war veterans at the Neves Bendinha orthopaedic centre in Luanda, Angola.

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